A delicious Mexican fajita buffet at your location

from Eindhoven provides fajitas throughout the Netherlands and Belgium filled with your choice of chicken, pork, tenderloin, hake, shrimp, mussels, lobster, or a vegetarian filling. The rice, beans, Mexican sauce, jalapeños, guacamole, and lettuce are all vegan. We only use fresh produce in our buffet ingredients with no artificial additives.

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Home-delivered Mexican fajitas in the Netherlands and Belgium

Do you fancy enjoying the most delicious fajitas at home? now delivers directly to your home!

We provide you with ready-made catering, and all the options and combinations are possible. This way, everyone can enjoy our most delicious dishes.


Working method

  • Prices are charged per person.

  • A minimum order for four people is required.

  • Do you live within the city? Then your delivery is free.

  • Do you live outside the city? Then you pay €1.50 - per kilometre.



  • Vegetarian fajitas - €18.50

  • Chicken - €19.50

  • Beef tenderloin - €23.50

  • Pork tenderloin - € 21.50

  • Hake - €20.50

  • Prawns - €24.50

  • Mussels - €21.50

  • Lobster - €34.50

Mexican Catering

A tasty and extensive fajita buffet to your location in the Netherlands or Belgium, provided by chef Mario Gutierrez. Discover what is possible with .

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from Eindhoven for a Mexican fajita buffet on location from 1 to 1000 people

Tortillas are a typical Mexican delicacy. Made from flour or corn, these unleavened flat round 'buns' can be filled with vegetables as well as meat, chicken, fish, or seafood. Then folding them into the shape of an envelope gives them the name fajita. Pamper your guests at home or at another location in the Netherlands and Belgium with a delicious fajita buffet prepared by chef Mario Gutierrez of Eindhoven-based .

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is the catering company of chef Mario Gutierrez. In 1986, he came to the Netherlands from Chile, and has since gained over 25 years of experience in various Mexican restaurants in Amsterdam, such as Caramba, Rose's Cantinas, Alfonso's, Poco Loco and Chicano's. "I am now ready to start for myself," Mario said last year, and that is what he has done. He started catering Mexican fajita buffets on location, and he provides delicious buffets throughout the Netherlands, as well as in Belgium. is ideally suited to events such as openings, company parties, birthdays, weddings, school parties and courses. If you have something else to celebrate, that is, of course, also possible. Mario's Mexican specialities are delicious on any occasion!


A fajita buffet at your home

Do you fancy a delicious fajita buffet but want to eat it with family or friends without a chef on site? can deliver delicious buffets directly to your home. Ready-made and delivered hot in plastic containers. For home delivery, we charge for portions of one kilo per person.